Three weeks ago, I knew I was in trouble when my 2004 iMac G5 started shutting itself off 2-3 times per hour.  Working on it made me feel I was playing with a mouse-trap roulette of some sort, as the hatchet (sudden black screen) threatened to be falling “at any moment”. Saving every 20 seconds became a rabid necessity, as well as a real pain.


A newer iMac with a printer - Apple Promo for students

A newer iMac with a printer - Apple Promo for students



Well . . . after trouble-shooting the problem every which way thanks to Apple Knowledge-Base and friendly users’ advice on numerous tech postings, the culprit seemed to be the power supply and maybe the logic board as well, apparently an early iMac design flaw . . . Then the darn iMac just quit, went dark, and that was that. A friendly Genius at the Corte Madera Apple Store put his ear to the power supply area, and sure enough, a faint hiss confirmed that’s what the Pb was. I’m now waiting for the store’s friendly crew to put it all back together so I can swiftly complete my Photoshop 150 homework.

In the meantime, Lab hours are a Good Thing. The Apple store’s employees goodwill is also a good thing: the repair was put under the Apple extended warranty program: how cool is that… A gracious gesture indeed. Thank you!

Google Map to Corte Madera Store