Nearly two weeks without a working computer in the middle of a semester… Thankfully, the iMac is repaired. Everything went great: after checking in the store with a borrowed power cord that the iMac G5 was indeed powering well, I got back home with it . . . while my own power cord had been left in the shop. Drats. Thankfully, this earlier model can accomodate a nice, solid, special three-prong computer cord, and I’m back in business. Driving another 100 miles from Napa to Corte Madera (round-trip) would not have been fun, what with time, expense, gas etc.

I notice how better the keyboard and the GUI feel: silky, fast, remarkably different from before the power-supply was going out. It’s even better with my Wacom tablet.

Onward and upward! I have some a lot of catching up to do!