My anticipated moment of puzzlement is here: last week, we were asked to do a exercise to familiarize ourselves with the select tool, etc. Well, I found myself wading through carefully-written instructions with increasing difficulty, until I realized I was resisting the instructions. Let me explain: I taught myself to achieve effects with select, copy etc., a certain way, so here I kept stumbling at each step of the instructions, simply because it was difficult for me to learn to do the same thing a different way. How about that . . . . Well, that’s why I took the class in the first place: to learn better and/or more efficient ways to achieve desired effects.

Yes, I ended up with a headache, but it was enlightening: the rote pathways in our brain are mightily difficult to avoid. Lesson: no pain, no gain? Go, neurons, go! All in a day’s work, Ma’am!