I find the High Dynamic Range work fascinating: after a short period of hesitation, experimenting with hide-all or reveal-all layer masks and the paint brush tool to either conceal and reveal details of each layer is exhilarating.

I love the fact that the Photoshop paint brush tool is so perfectly suited to . . . a painter! With several layers displaying the same image taken at different times of day, I truly enjoyed going into the tiniest detail, deciding whether that detail was worth pulling out of a shadow or not, whether the red on an antique piece of furniture was red enough, or too red etc. And what about “sculpting” with light and shadow . . . revealing the details of a sculpture in the background, enhancing the vibrancy of a bouquet of flowers, sometimes one petal, one leaf at a time.

It’s amazing how these tools can be used in conjunction with each other, playing with opacity, adjustment layers, masks, blending modes, filters, gradients etc. to finally get just the desired result. I am finally starting to discover the many ways of unlocking the infinite possibilities of Photoshop.

This class rocks!