I love Photoshop. I like exploring the different ways available to modify an original photograph. The more difficult the challenge, the more interesting it becomes. Especially the severely underexposed or overexposed images. The end-result might run the gamut between irretrievable to sublime. When I find a shortcut that saves time and creates great results, it makes me very happy indeed.

Granted, I am easily entertained . . .


One Response to “About”

  1. jwhoadley Says:

    Hi, i came across your blog looking for some help to add music to mine that i’ve just begun to build. one element of yours is exactly what i want. it’s the buttons across the top. i particularly like how they open to another list. did u do this? was it difficult? do you think i could do this?
    i realize your running a photoshop class but any help would be welcome. at this point i know how i want the content to look and am trying to figure out if it can work.

    many thanks

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