How many times have I come across a particularly stunning photograph, a picture that made me linger, ponder or dream, imagine all the beauty in the universe, or inspire me to create… This is the place for those precious visual poems.

For instance, take a look at the work of photographer Larry McNeil: he manages to introduce an aura of mystery to his story by weaving the story line and the visual in intriguing ways: his narrativeseems to span many decades, infusing his series of photographs with the element of time, timelessness and immediacy at the same time. In on of his portfolios entitled Sacred Art, he resorts to decaying frames, roughed-up fonts, and stunning monochromatic visual treatment.


One Response to “Daily Dose of Pixel Poetry”

  1. judy9 Says:

    I could not let this class end without
    telling you how much I enjoyed your work and contributions to the class discussions.
    You are very intelligent and very creative.
    I admire your dedication to each assignment and the obvious hard work put into them.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Judy Ohrt
    photo 150

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