__Blending modes , available from the layers palette’s menu, have various effects on the visible layers of my image, depending on whether I apply one mode (or several modes as layers) full strength (i.e., with 100% opacity and fill) or use the opacity/fill to play with the potency of each blended layer. This does look like a mouthful, doesn’t it . . . but in practice, it’s a lot simpler.

I’ve created a set of blending modes below, to show the visual transformation each has on its corresponding layer. The first 2 images are my samples; the other 4 images contain each a set of 4 blending modes, labeled for clarity.

This is the Blue-Nile Flower, Image 1 of 2

Red Daylily – Image 2 of 2

Blending modes Set #1

Blending Modes #1

Blending Modes #1

Blending modes Set #2
Blending modes Set #3
Blending modes Set #4
Various Opacity percentages create stronger or more subtle effects.
With practice, one can eventually get to visually expect what Blending mode favors which aspect of a particular photograph.
In the next segment, we’ll take a look at Color correction.

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