As I keep creating images of all kinds with Photoshop CS (now CS3), relying on drop-down menus can slow me down quite a bit. Therefore, memorizing the Photoshop CS-CS3 shortcuts is the ideal way of simplifying my workflow and gain confidence. So, during one of my web-surfing session, I found a nifty keyboard layout created by a designer working with Windows. 

So I modified and corrected it to read it better for Mac OSX users¬†(with credit to the original designer). It’s very cool: after printing it on brochure paper, I place the 8-1/2×11 page in front of me when I work, and when I am tempted to use, yet again, a drop-down menu, I immediately look at the printed sheet and use the keyboard shortcut instead. After 2 weeks of this, I’ve pretty much figured out all the tools shortcuts.

If you’re interested, you can download the PDF here: ps_keyb_shortcuts